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Lessons are offered on a year-round basis. Lessons rotate between locations based on pool and instructor availability. 

Send us a message to inquire about the location that will work best for you.  

Lessons are offered 4 or 5 times weekly, depending on pool availability. 

Weekend sessions are periodically offered also with a lesson on Fri, 2 lessons on Sat, and a lesson on Sun.



Lesson Frequency


New BASIC Swimmers age 3 years and younger are required to attend lessons 4 or 5 times weekly

(depending on how the session is offered) 

for a min. of 3 consecutive weeks.

It is recommended that swimmers attend lessons for 20 consecutive lessons as a BASIC student.

New swimmers ages 4 years and older, lesson frequency will be determined based on swimmer skill level.


Maintenance Swimmers and Stroke Development Swimmers may register for lessons at a frequency that works best for your schedule.

Maintenance and Stroke Development lessons are available to swimmers who have completed their BASIC training lessons OR have instructor approval.


Basic Lessons:

$20/lesson (4-5 lessons/week)

Deposit of $100 required to register this will credit towards first week of lessons

All Basic Lessons are 1:1 10 minute lessons

Maintenance/Refresher Lessons:


1:1 10 minute lessons

Stroke Development/Group Lessons:


1:1 or 2:1 20 minute lessons

*please note some prices may vary for out of town sessions due to instructor travel cost and pool cost *

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