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Lessons are offered at our Elk City pool. See our "Friends of Swimmin Safe" page for swim schools we recommend in other communities. Unfortunately at this time Ms Darcey is not able to travel to other locations to teach lessons. 

Lessons are taught Monday - Thursday each week. 


Lesson Frequency


New BASIC Swimmers age 4 years and younger are required to attend lessons 4 times week for 4-6 consecutive weeks.

Swimmers graduate their BASIC lesson program once they are able to float independently, and roll to an independent float while fully clothed. 

New swimmers ages 5/6 years of age attend lessons 4 days/week for 2-4 consecutive weeks. Once they have graduated with their BASIC skills they will move to small group lessons to continue to develop their strokes. 


Maintenance Swimmers and Stroke Development Swimmers may register for lessons at a frequency that works best for your schedule.

Maintenance and Stroke Development lessons are available to swimmers who have completed their BASIC training lessons OR have instructor approval.


Basic Lessons:

4-6 weeks consecutive lessons

16-24 lessons total

$20/lesson (4 lessons/week)

Deposit of $160 required to register this will credit towards first two weeks of lessons

All Basic Lessons are 1:1 10 minute lessons


Refresher week:

Students that have been out of lessons for more than 6 months need to complete a refresher course before moving on to small group lessons. 

$72 (4 consecutive lessons)

1:1 10 minute lessons

Stroke Development/Group Lessons:



*billed monthly

Lessons are 3:1 or 4:1 based on age and ability. 

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