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Survival Swim Lessons


Basic Training

Children Aged 10 Months & Up.

Ideally swimmers are crawling or walking prior to beginning lessons. Instructor approval required to begin lessons earlier. 

The goal for swimmers is the ability to problem solve in the water no matter what the situation. 
Swimmers learn age appropriate swimming postures to allow them to swim facedown in the water, rotate onto their back to a floating position that enables them to rest and breathe, then return to a facedown swimming posture.

Swimmers complete their basic skills swimming once they are able to demonstrate a clothes checkout and the ability to find the surface of the water and float comfortably on their back. 

Average basic skills training is 16-24 lessons.

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REfresher Lessons

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Available to all students who have completed a Basics Skills Course through ANY Survival Swim Program.

Refresher lessons are an important part of a young swimmers skills development. As children continue to grow and develop so does coordination and cognitive abilities. Refresher lessons allow us to help fine tune your childs skills and keep their survival swim skills sharp. Refresher lessons are offered periodically through the year and are a short one week course. 

A refresher course will ensure your swimmer is the independent, confident skill based swimmer that they were during their basic skills training lessons.

Maintenance Lessons

Available to all students who have completed a Basics Skills Course through ANY Survival Swim Program.

For optimal skill retention, children should continue lessons once or twice a week  in a Maintenance Program. Maintenance lessons focus on continuing to build a swimmers swim-float-swim skills. Maintenance lessons are offered periodically at each location.

If a swimmer has not had lessons in an extended period of time we do require registering for a refresher course of lessons prior to enrolling in maintenance lessons.

(4-5 consistent lessons within a weeks schedule)


Stroke development

All students must complete our BASIC TRAINING or complete a swim test with an instructor before enrolling in Stroke Development lessons.

Once a swimmer has mastered the fundamentals of the swim-float-swim technique they are ready to build their stroke technique. 

Stroke Development lessons will allow a student to learn the basics of the 4 main strokes including; freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. 

Stroke Development lessons are taught as 1:1 lessons or small group lessons when available. 

Small groups allow swimmers to swim with other swimmers providing social interaction, developing social skills such as taking turns, and add an element of fun for swimmers. 

Adaptive needs lessons and Adult Swim lessons also available

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